Reforestation And The Story Of The Brown Brothers

The Brown brothers, David and Peter, were iconoclasts – they loved the forests, and wanted to create their own. So they did – a 100 tree Redwood patch as well as a variety of exotic and native trees.

All the while they were hounded by a community of homesteaders who had trouble comprehending the sense of putting that time and money into trees that would never turn a profit. Today the value of the forest cannot be measured in board feet. In terms of age and variety, says Roy Forster of Vancouver’s VanDusen Botanical Gardens, there is nothing quite like it in Canada. “As an early private botanical collection, it’s important to have these trees to study. It shows what a unique climate we have in the Lower Mainland that allows giant redwoods and monkey puzzle trees from the coast of Chile to grow side by side.”

Illness set the twins apart from other children at an early age, when scarlet fever struck them deaf. Though proficient lip readers, they had the habit of speaking aloud to others but conversing silently between themselves – when talking to each other, their lips moved but no sound spilled from their mouths. It tended to unnerve people.

The twins’ father was enough of a

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