The Struggle Continues For Environmentalists Everywhere

Arriving in San Francisco last year, fresh from campaigning against road-building in Britain, I thought I was pretty aware of the global nature of the issues we’ve been tackling. But through getting to know the other winners of the 2015 Goldman Environmental Prize and talking to them about their work, I came to realize just how much the issues of “car culture,” and more broadly, of over-consumption and development, resonate around the world.

Congestion threatens us all.

In Britain over the past few years, the largest road-building program since the Romans threatened to reshape the country, from the white cliffs of Dover to the suburban streets of Manchester. But ordinary people have defended their landscapes and communities and have succeeded in putting the roads program into reverse. For the moment, the super tanker of British transport policy really does seem to be turning round, although there is still much to do to ensure that positive transport alternative are implemented. Read more

Visualization And How To Get Rid Of Panic Attacks

vhgropaWhat happens when you get panic attacks? You freeze. This is what happens when you are supposed to make a presentation and you suffer pangs of anxiety over such events. You feel paralyzed and afraid to even make a beginning. This is why you must also learn how to get rid of panic attacks. It can be the beginning of a whole new life. You can actually visualize a future when you will not be afraid of making an attempt at doing something that you used to be afraid of. Also, visualize the solution on how to get rid of panic attacks more than the problem itself. Of course, you could try and learn other techniques such as muscle relaxation.

Meditation also has been known to work. It is obvious that all the tips and tricks involve calming down.  This implies that panic attacks are caused when you are agitated and stressed out. Obviously, in these times of such a hectic life style, it is difficult to remain unruffled. There is always something more to do and the time is never enough. On top of that, you are being pushed by your boss to perform in ways that exceed expectations all the time. All of these issues plague people these days …

The Cycles Of Climate Change

According to the rock record, until about a million years ago the climate followed a neat 41,000-year cycle of ups and downs. Then, abruptly, that cycle stopped operating, and another one — 100,000 years long — took over. Why? Some scientists speculated that a cosmic catastrophe had reset the climatic clock. Others simply shrugged. Now two paleoclimatologists — Steven Clemens, at Brown University in Rhode Island, and Ralf Tiedemann, at the University of Kiel, Germany — have shown that people have been asking the wrong question. The 100,000-year cycle was there, unnoticed, all along; the real mystery is not where it came from, but what turned up the volume.

The 41,000-year cycle was no mystery at all. That’s the time it takes the tilt of Earth’s axis to wobble from 22 degrees to 25 degrees from the vertical and back again. Those changes in tilt, or obliquity, affect the amount of sun each region of the planet gets, especially near the poles. And that, in turn, affects the climate.

The 100,000-year climate cycle was harder to explain. Astrophysicists had found Read more

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