Reforestation And The Story Of The Brown Brothers

The Brown brothers, David and Peter, were iconoclasts – they loved the forests, and wanted to create their own. So they did – a 100 tree Redwood patch as well as a variety of exotic and native trees.

All the while they were hounded by a community of homesteaders who had trouble comprehending the sense of putting that time and money into trees that would never turn a profit. Today the value of the forest cannot be measured in board feet. In terms of age and variety, says Roy Forster of Vancouver’s VanDusen Botanical Gardens, there is nothing quite like it in Canada. “As an early private botanical collection, it’s important to have these trees to study. It shows what a unique climate we have in the Lower Mainland that allows giant redwoods and monkey puzzle trees from the coast of Chile to grow side by side.”

Illness set the twins apart from other children at an early age, when scarlet fever struck them deaf. Though proficient lip readers, they had the habit of speaking aloud to others but conversing silently between themselves – when talking to each other, their lips moved but no sound spilled from their mouths. It tended to unnerve people.

The twins’ father was enough of a

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The Solar Cycle, Earth’s Temperature And Climate Response

The Earth’s upper atmospheric winds are tied to the solar cycle. Above the equatorial zone the air temperature and wind direction change with a period of about 24 to 36 months, a variation called the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation (QBO). Karin Labitzke (Free University, Berlin) and Harry van Loon (National Center for Atmospheric Research) found that when these high-altitude winds come from the west, the upper-air temperature follows the 11-year solar cycle; when the QBO winds are from the east, the stratospheric temperatures anticorrelate with the cycle. Finally, Brian Tinsley. (University of Texas, Richardson) and his colleagues see a link between changes in solar magnetism and changes in the global electrical circuit of the Earth, with influences on cloud properties and thunderstorms, for example.

Cycle Of The Sun’s Magnetism

The observational record of sunspots begins around 1610 with systematic telescopic counts by Galileo, Christoph Scheiner, and others. In 1843, after 17 years of observing the Sun for evidence of the fictitious planet Vulcan, Samuel H. Schwabe noted roughly a 10-year periodicity in the number of sunspot groups and in the strings of days when no sunspots were seen. Then in 1908 George Ellery Hale at Mount Wilson Observatory found sunspots to have strong magnetic fields of up to several thousand gauss. Thus the historical

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Does Government Spending Harm The Environment?

A market failure occurs when there is a gap between the private and social costs of an activity. That is, the social costs are higher than the private costs. The activity itself is something economists call an externality. For example, consider a factory where the production process throws off disgusting waste. If the factory dumps this junk into a handy river instead of disposing it in a less convenient, less harmful place, the resulting pollution is an externality.

Of course, the problem is that by using the river as a dump, production costs are lower than if the factory disposed of its waste in a socially responsible way, so the factory owner has little incentive not to pollute. This leaves the people and businesses along the river, who suffer the bad effects, to bear the cost–hence the term “social cost.”

The failure of the market to cover the costs of an externality is taken as an invitation for the government to step in and make private parties deal with the social costs. In this example, the government could promulgate regulations to stop river pollution by making it unlawful for the factory to dump waste in the river, which, in turn, would raise the private cost of production but lower the social costs borne by society.

At any rate, during the 1970s, the “correction” of market failures accelerated the pace of social regulation. In 1970, both the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the Read more

Good Criteria For A Reliable RAID Recovery Company

It is a very stressful ordeal having your important data corrupted especially if this data contains sensitive information or is vital in your day to day operations. However, the dilemma of finding ways to recover this data can now be addressed because a number of RAID recovery companies have emerged who are experienced in handling this type of problem. The responsibility you have to take now is to find the most qualified team of engineers to take on the task of recovering your damaged RAID array where your valuable data is stored.

There are basic criteria you must be familiar with to help you decide on the best RAID recovery company for you. First is the professionalism of the company. The manners with which they handle your concerns and provide you with solutions speak of how well they value their customers. Second is the sense of urgency they give to your problem. Even the slightest delay in your business dealings could cost you money, hence, the faster they can recover your lost data and fix your RAID array system the better it will be for you and your business. Lastly, the company’s policy on confidentiality; they should treat your data Read more

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The Best Solution for Hard Drive Repair

Your old hard drive has served you enough for several years. Today it is time for you to say goodbye to your most useful tool in your computer system. Do not wait for the time when your drive gives up instantly because that would be tragic. It is better to give your drive the best opportunity for hard drive repair.

It’s quite easy, says Terry Mathers, technician at Hard Drive Recovery Associates, a company that specializes in recovering water and flood damaged servers. First, write down all the information about your drive. This can help you find easily a replacement similar to your old device. Details from model number, firmware code, data code, site code down to the Main Controller IC number must be included in your list. Next step is to search for the same device online. You can go to the site and enter the hard drive model in the search box at the topmost area. Although this cannot recognize the exact model, but a list of results is provided. Go through it and find a match using the numbers on your list. Once found, purchase it immediately. Wait for the package for at least a week or more to be delivered at your doorstep. When the box arrives, …

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