Being “climate smart” is a lot more than just knowing that you shouldn’t blame cold fronts on Canada or high-pressure systems on places deep in Mexico. That kind of talk is for meteorologists with very little in the way of a clue. What I think climate smart means to a lot of people is the idea of living a smart life and keeping one’s carbon footprint relatively small, without becoming an overbearing ideologue. I believe this is a very important distinction that unfortunately a lot of environmentalists forget about. Yes there is a lot of damage taking place every day by industrial companies across the planet, but I do believe that real change starts at home: consider just how much garbage you use on a weekly basis, as an example. Is this something you think you can minimize? The likelihood if you’re like most North Americans is that you can minimize this. You can make a change, but you have to put real effort forward and set goals for yourself. I did, and it felt pretty good.

But I’m also not going to preach at you. That I believe to be a very key thing. In the end, the decision as to how you behave should do your own.